Turnback Boyz are a time-traveling boyband starring Peter Pansy, Oliver Gold, Tommy Tugunns, and our newest member, JB Bender!  The Turnback Boyz explore history and empower queers in need.

Left to Right: Oliver Gold, Peter Pansy, Tommy Tugunns and JB Bender.  Photo Credit meapart.com


Our Purpose: 

Empowering Queers in Need & Bringing Joy

>Seek out queers in need, empower them in their queer genders, creative expressions, and life trajectories

>Connect with local queer communities and talent to share our stage

>Spark queer feelings (we will turn you) by singing, punning and dancing our way into hearts across time

>Bring joy and sexy distractions to hard times in history


Exploring History & Telling Queer Stories

>Share stories of underrepresented figures in history, specifically POC, trans, gender-non-conforming, working-class, fat, femme, perverts, feminists and radicals

>Find queer creative pockets in history, travel, connect and perform with other talented queers, and share these stories with other eras


Changing and Challenging the Course of History

>Influence history to make our timeline more queer, radical and awesome

>Detoxify masculinity, challenge rape culture, the patriarchy and colonialism

>Perform and satirize pop culture, using the accessible form of boyband as the spoonful of sugar to help deliver radical politics

>Highlight issues of cultural appropriation and model ways to give credit to creative sources and inspiration