Turnback Boyz are a time-travelling boyband starring Peter Pansy, Oliver Gold and Tommy Tugunns, and stay tuned for more info on our newest member, JB Bender!  The Turnback Boyz explore history and empower queers in need.

Pink Hankie performance.  Photo Credit Kristy Faris


Our Purpose: 

Empowering Queers in Need & Bringing Joy

>Seek out queers in need, empower them in their queer genders, creative expressions, and life trajectories

>Connect with local queer communities and talent to share our stage

>Spark queer feelings (we will turn you) by singing, punning and dancing our way into hearts across time

>Bring joy and sexy distractions to hard times in history


Exploring History & Telling Queer Stories

>Share stories of underrepresented figures in history, specifically POC, trans, gender-non-conforming, working-class, fat, femme, perverts, feminists and radicals

>Find queer creative pockets in history, travel, connect and perform with other talented queers, and share these stories with other eras


Changing and Challenging the Course of History

>Influence history to make our timeline more queer, radical and awesome

>Detoxify masculinity, challenge rape culture, the patriarchy and colonialism

>Perform and satirize pop culture, using the accessible form of boyband as the spoonful of sugar to help deliver radical politics

>Highlight issues of cultural appropriation and model ways to give credit to creative sources and inspiration